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About the Game

Humans of the Internet Age is a narrative-driven puzzle game being developed in Unreal Engine 4. In the game you play as yourself, a human that is suddenly abducted and snatched away from your normal life. You find yourself in the dwelling of the Great Observer, a being that has been studying humanity since the advent of the Internet. His monument to modern man is filled with thousands of human artifacts including paintings, photographs, music, interviews, books, essays, poems, and videos.  

Players must solve puzzles to explore this vast museum while thwarting it's security system, and the Great Observer in order to escape. What has the Observer uncovered about humanity through his vast collection of artifacts? That is exactly what you will discover along the way.

About the Kickstarter

​​Humans of the Internet Age is using Kickstarter in a very different way than other crowdfunded games.  Most just need it for funding, but this is a collaborative project that cannot exist without your creative contributions. By backing this project, you can submit art or media in several different forms to be used in the game. This Kickstarter is an invitation to be a part of a unique and interesting experiment.  We, much like the Great Observer in the game, are going to learn a lot about people in the age of the internet.

The game takes place in an environment that is supposed to be an accurate representation of what interests people in different cultures around the world today.  Even with a much larger team, it would take years to research and create enough art, media, and assets to come close to achieving that goal.  

Through Kickstarter, we can collaborate and create this environment together.  What exactly will that environment look like when all is said and done?  What tone will internet culture create through the halls of the game?  I cannot wait for us to find out!

All collaborators will receive full credit for their work, with their name, or a pseudonym if they choose, displayed in game along with their content.  The different categories of art that can be submitted include:

  • Museum Art -  This category includes paintings, drawings, photography, or any art that can be displayed on a wall
  • Written Art - This could include poems, short stories, essays, blogs, opinion pieces, or anything original you have written
  • Audio Art - This could include songs, ghost stories, podcasts, conversations, rants, answering machine messages, or anything original you have recorded
  • Video Art - This could include animation, live-action video, or even a GIF.  The content of these videos could include stories, plays, documentaries, comedies, dramas, or any other original videos you have created 


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About the Game:

​Wild Unknown is a first-person adventure game where players must explore, solve puzzles, and uncover hidden secrets in order to piece together the surprising story of the mysterious wilderness in which they awake. Players must then use everything they have learned to choose what they feel is the "best" end to the story.  Wild Unknown will be available in March of 2017.  Check the Wild Unknown Steam page for more information.



  • Explore a beautiful, interconnected world, built in Unreal Engine 4
  • Supports play with mouse and keyboard, gamepads, or both
  • 17 Achievements to unlock
  • Find and use tools and collectibles (keys, axes, dynamite, etc.) that enable players to access new areas and the secrets they hold
  • Collect notes and research files, and listen to phone messages and audio logs to learn the stories of those around you
  • Solve environmental puzzles to discover secrets that will change the player's perspective on the story
  • Choose the ending you think is best, and know that some will require your best to uncover

Do you have what it takes to unravel the mystery of the Wild Unknown?

Concept Art: